Laze 19, 4000 Kranj, Slovenija +386 4 23 14 600

Laser cutting

Using the automatic laser cutting machine Bystronic ByStar Fiber 6000.

We cut:

  • metal sheet to 25 mm thickness,
  • stainless metal sheet to 30 mm thickness,
  • aluminum sheet to 30 mm thickness,
  • copper sheets to 12 mm thickness,
  • brass sheet to 12 mm thickness.

High precision and repeatability of cutting with the largest format of plates being 1500 x 3000 mm, meet the strictest tolerance levels for plate cutting.

Innovative machine automatically loads and unloads plates without the presence of an operator, which enables us to meet with shorter lead time.

Care for machine maintenance, highly qualified operators and supervision during cutting, enables us to offer impeccable quality of cutting.