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Improving the work environment

Understanding and responding to employee feedback is the foundation for the success of any modern company. Laser Čepin, d.o.o., in collaboration with the analytics firm Quantifly and the HR consultancy Rekruter, d.o.o., has engaged in a thorough analysis of its employee engagement and satisfaction. Discover in the article by Tina Avgustinčič how their findings have influenced the company culture and operational performance.


How did Laser Čepin, d.o.o. identify the wishes of its employees and outline action steps for further development?



Meet our client

Client: Laser Čepin, d.o.o.

Industry: Sheet metal forming and milling of softer metals and non-metals

Laser Čepin, d.o.o. is a modern family-run company that laid its foundations in the early 1990s. They are focused on sheet metal forming, milling of softer metals and nonmetals, and powder coating. They offer comprehensive solutions to strategic partners in the fields of automation, LED technology, heating and cooling technology, robotics, mechanical engineering, and sensors, in the form of consulting and cooperation in the optimization of existing products and the development of new products. They strive for integrity and a path from development to a completed project.

Meet our partner

Partner: Rekruter, jkps d.o.o.

Rekruter is a consulting company with more than 10 years of tradition, offering HR services in the Slovenian and foreign markets. They specialize in the search and selection of professional and managerial staff, employee development, carrying out assessment centers, outplacement services, and HR outsourcing. They are characterized by their responsiveness and individual approach, high level of trust, and partnership relations with their clients.

The Quantifly analysis at Laser Čepin, d.o.o. was carried out on the recommendation of our partner, Rekruter, d.o.o., who recommended the Quantifly analysis to Laser Čepin, d.o.o. because they have undergone several changes in recent years. Rekruter believes that in times of transformation, many adjustments are needed, which in one way or another also affect the organizational climate and employee engagement. Quantifly offers a service of measurability and monitoring of the pulse of the company, allowing the management to implement improvements and plan further actions based on the findings.


Main challenges

CEO Matej Čepin took over the family business two years ago and felt it was necessary to revitalize the company. He says he has “turned the company upside down” by retaining key staff, upgrading work processes, increasing efficiency, and focusing on creating a good working climate and the best possible conditions for all employees. The Quantifly analysis aimed to find out how employees perceive the company’s performance.

Before the Quantifly analysis, the company had used internal surveys with open and closed questions, which provided some cues but were not sufficient as the company felt that it needed more.

“We needed something more. Here we saw a perspective at Quantifly that together we could find even more focused ways for our colleagues to say more things that we could work on in the future.”

Matej Čepin, CEO of Laser Čepin, d.o.o.


The process

Laser Čepin, d.o.o. considers the anonymity of the data collection to be an advantage of the Quantifly analysis, allowing employees to express what they think without any reservations.

An important step before the Quantifly analysis was carried out was the presentation to the employees. During the presentation meeting, the Quantifly team presented the purpose of the analysis to the employees, explained how to complete it, and addressed concerns about anonymity, thus ensuring that employees were not intimidated and were motivated to answer the questions honestly.

Matej Čepin, CEO of Laser Čepin, d.o.o., pointed out that there was probably some reservation on the part of some of the employees, but considered that individuals who believed in the company’s story, through analysis, received confirmation that the company was ready to listen to every employee. The analysis took place in a relaxed atmosphere, and after the analysis, Laser Čepin reviewed the findings with the employees and created an action plan for improvement.

Ana Stiplovšek, Head of HR Services at Rekruter, d.o.o., points out that the greatest added value of the Quantifly analysis is that the company’s management gets clear results on what is happening with employees, what the actual organizational structure is, what are the good practices that are already working and, last but not least, where are the weak points that require more focus. The analysis provides an in-depth insight into the core of a company’s operations and, if management is receptive to these results, they can serve as an excellent tool for making the right decisions. Last but not least, the great advantage of the Quantifly analysis is that it can be repeated (every year or two, or in the case of major transformations of the company and/or teams), thus providing a comparison and a reflection of the effectiveness of the actions taken.

Ana was involved in the Quantifly analysis process from the very beginning. As Mr. Matej Čepin, CEO of Laser Čepin, d.o.o., is very open to this type of analysis and wants only the best for his employees and ultimately for the company’s performance, Ana saw the Quantifly analysis as a good foundation on which to build the company’s vision for the future.

“I was present in the process from the initial discussions to the final presentation of the results to the management. I supervised the whole process and guided the Quantifly team, as I knew the client well what was essential for them and what aspects to focus on. Together we delivered a smooth project and outlined the HR activities for the future based on the results. The client was very satisfied with the overall implementation.”

Ana Stiplovšek, HR Services Manager at Rekruter, d.o.o.



Based on the analysis, the company implemented measures to improve the working environment, taking into account the employees’ request for air conditioning and increased lighting, which also improved the quality and quality control of the products. One of the key measures also concerned the consistency in the execution of work documentation with customers. The company has already taken the first action steps in this area.

Laser Čepin, d.o.o. sees the greatest added value of the Quantifly analysis as the identification of key personnel and personnel with growth potential. The analysis enables employees to identify the key personnel in the organization and the individuals who have the most potential for further development. This type of identification enables managers to identify the leadership succession that employees want, which builds trust and improves the effectiveness of information transfer. In this area, plans are also underway to develop individual development plans for employees. Individual development discussions have also been held with all employees using the reports received after the 360° analysis.

The CEO is committed to meeting the employee aspirations highlighted by the Quantifly analysis in the long term. He believes that by doing so, he can also show individuals who had reservations about the analysis that it enables employees to connect and communicate with each other even more easily. He also pointed out that he plans to carry out the Quantifly analysis again in the future.

“We are also looking forward to doing the analysis again in the future, when we improve processes, and also to check that the situation has improved and gone to an even higher level.” ‍

Matej Čepin, CEO of Laser Čepin, d.o.o.

Who would you recommend Quantifly to?

“The Quantifly team is very promising, and the metrics within the analysis are great. I see a lot of potential in developing companies that are still upgrading their systems because they get a really good cue of where they are and what they could improve. Or companies where they want to identify potential employees who could end up being managers and so on.”

Matej Čepin, CEO of Laser Čepin, d.o.o.

The Rekruter, d.o.o. team would recommend the Quantifly analysis to all those companies (managers) who don’t use this kind of analysis just to boast about it and put it away in a drawer, but to those who want to see real change and are in favor of introducing activities that the results will point to. Based on years of experience, they recognize the added value of analysis for both larger corporations and smaller companies.

Ana Stiplovšek, HR Services Manager at Rekruter, d.o.o., described her experience of working with Quantifly as follows:

“My experience with Quantifly was good from the very beginning when I met the CEO Luka Pregelj, who enthusiastically presented his product to me. His enthusiasm is infectious, and it was easy to pass it on to our partners. Together with the Quantifly team, we went hand in hand through the whole analysis process, and the result was positive for both our client and us who followed the whole process.”


Acknowledgment from Laser Čepin d.o.o.:

As we conclude this extensive project that has brought numerous improvements to our work environment and increased employee engagement, we would like to express our gratitude to everyone who contributed to the successful execution of this significant endeavor. A special thanks goes to our Director, Matej Čepin, who led the entire process with a clear vision and determination, and to Ana Stiplovšek from Rekruter, d.o.o., whose invaluable expertise guided and supported the entire analysis execution.

We also sincerely thank the entire Quantifly team, whose expert analysis and advice were crucial for enhancing our processes. Your commitment to continuous improvement and professional approach are the foundation of our collective success.

We appreciate the efforts, dedication, and professionalism of all participants, which are essential for the further development and success of our company. Thank you for being part of our success story.

With warm regards,

The Team at Laser Čepin, d.o.o.