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Green Transition with Nitrogen Production

Laser Čepin team is dedicated to providing top-quality sheet metal fabrication and milling services while also committing to sustainable development and the green transition. We recognize the importance of innovation and continuously strive to make our operations as environmentally friendly and energy-efficient as possible.

Our latest technological advancements include the acquisition of the INFINIT PSAL® nitrogen generator from AIRCO®, which allows for the in-house production of high-purity nitrogen, essential in the process of laser cutting and laser welding. This approach enhances our energy efficiency and reduces our carbon footprint by minimizing the need for external supply and logistical costs.

Nitrogen Production

At Laser Čepin, we use a nitrogen generator, which is crucial for our laser cutting and laser welding processes. The production process begins with capturing air from the atmosphere, which is first purified in a pre-filtration unit. This step is essential for removing impurities such as oil vapors and particles, ensuring the purity of the compressed air before it enters the adsorption reservoirs.

In the adsorption reservoirs, oxygen molecules are selectively removed, and the dew point is lowered under pressure, resulting in the production of clean, dry, and exceptionally pure nitrogen. This nitrogen is then stored in a collector before being condensed to 300 bars in high-pressure cylinders. This storage solution allows us to easily cover peak consumption periods.

Our modern facility is also equipped with the INFINIT TOUCH PANEL, which continuously monitors and records key parameters such as the temperature of compressed air, the pressure dew point, and the purity of nitrogen. Continuous monitoring, along with high-quality activated carbon and CMS (Carbon Molecular Sieve) technology, ensures optimal nitrogen production efficiency with a purity level of up to 6.0.



Energy and Cost Efficiency

The nitrogen generator is equipped with energy-efficient motors and a high-pressure filtration system, making its operation not only reliable but also cost-effective. The system enables easy upgrades by adding more cylinder bundles as needed, ensuring a continuous nitrogen supply.

By integrating these advanced technologies, Laser Čepin is at the forefront of efficient and sustainable production, meeting the needs of our business partners in laser cutting and laser welding.


How Does This Benefit You, Our Customers?


As our valued partners, you will directly benefit from these improvements. By reducing our environmental impact and increasing the efficiency of our processes, we can offer you better services, competitive prices, and higher quality products. Our commitment to sustainability and innovation adds value to your business, as you become part of a chain that supports environmentally responsible practices. We are particularly proud of our advanced capabilities in laser cutting and laser welding. By using the latest technologies, we now operate with significantly lower CO2 emissions, ensuring top-quality manufacturing with minimal environmental impact.


Future Steps and Innovations

We understand that the green transition is a journey, not a destination. We plan to take further steps to improve our operations and reduce our environmental impact. We invite you to follow our future innovations and join our efforts for a more sustainable future. Our future direction includes leveraging more advanced technologies for sheet metal fabrication and milling, further reducing energy consumption and waste.


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